Wifi marketing; the marketing modality that you probably didn’t know about

We live in an era of unprecedented technological advancement, every day new tools emerge that facilitate our lives in various ways, from the field of entertainment to everyday tasks such as shopping at the supermarket. However, technology is not only limited to personal use, but also, without being exclusively linked to quality control or machinery issues, it is possible to merge the human element with the technological and thus create a teamwork that greatly benefits the success factor, adding a dimension of simplicity to the measurement of risks.

Well, as we have mentioned, technology can be incorporated into any human activity and its proper use is a great way to have greater control over various protocols to be followed within a given activity. Now, what happens when we combine technological possibilities with advertising? The answer to this question can be explained with just two words: wifi marketing.

At first we understand the concepts separately and, apparently using both in the same sentence does not seem to make much sense, however, we will explain in a simple and punctual way what wifi marketing is and why it is a relevant tool for every entrepreneur or owner of his own business, as well as the options available in the market to make use of wifi marketing.

Nowadays it seems inconceivable to walk into a store and not have free wifi. Taking into account this need of visitors and potential customers, is that thanks to wifi marketing it is possible to convert the network of the store, restaurant or any other establishment  into a tool to easily connect with all those who use the free connection. This marketing method consists of creating a coverage area through which every person connected by any mobile device becomes an opportunity to grow the company, since it is now possible to say goodbye to paper forms that are not very efficient in data collection. Thanks to wifi marketing is not only possible to know more about customers, but it opens the opportunity to generate a real bond and interest that increases their affinity with the type of products or services offered but not only that, since it is also possible to reinforce the branding process.

With just a couple of clicks after having established a connection with the wifi network, you can make a first approach to the customer, requesting data such as  email; after that, the bonding process begins. Something as simple as asking about the quality of the experience in the establishment is the first step towards a fruitful business relationship,after this contact, we can offer the possibility of joining a loyalty program or continue sending personalized emails with coupons for products that may be of interest to this particular customer.

That said, when we talk about wifi marketing, because of its versatility it is impossible to talk about all the possibilities that are unlocked after starting to make use of it, the creativity of the wifi marketing user and his ability to determine the best way to approach potential customers as well as to keep satisfied those who are already part of the loyal customers.

There are multiple providers of this service, therefore, we recommend verifying the availability of the service in your region, costs and benefits of each one. Currently one of the most accessible  and secure options is Aiwfi, which offers monthly plans starting  at $5 with no additional costs for multiple access points as well as a significant degree of customization in the analysis options available. Get started now.