What you didn’t know about the wifi in your favorite restaurant

Over the last decade, It is more  common that the establishments we frequently visit have a free wifi network,its absence today seems inconceivable. Restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, bookstores, cafes, bars, schools, stadiums, airports, museums, every imaginable space incorporates the use of a wifi network into the stay experience.

That said, there are also concerns about the implications of connecting to these free networks, especially in terms of security and privacy, since it is a common belief that privileged information can be left in the wrong hands, however, an optimistic look at the benefits of connectivity that the increased presence of free wifi networks for both customers and owners implies, is to think of them as a way to get closer and generate ties that go beyond personalized advertising, exclusive discounts, loyalty programs, a better evaluation of the products and services offered or to generate a connection with the users based on  trust which makes them  return to the establishment.

For example, when you become a user of the free wifi offered by your favorite restaurant, there is a great possibility that it has a wifi marketing tool, that is, that the owners of the establishment seek to keep in touch with their most loyal customers, attract new diners and, above all, create an experience with a much higher level of customization  than they could generate from data collected (name, email, birthday or date of birth, phone number, etc.) from a paper survey.

Now, the big question that arises is what happens to your data when you connect to the network of your favorite restaurant franchise if it has a wifi marketing tool. The answer is simple, because unlike a conventional free network, the data you provide for collection (name, email, birthday or date of birth, phone number, etc.) will be encrypted and stored in a database, away from the hands of the wrong people, in addition, only those data will be collected as the  user consciously provides, thus protecting your privacy and sensitive information. The rest of the process, that is, the strategic part that is generated from the analysis of this data, will be in the hands of the owners of the establishment, since they will be in charge of designing an experience according to your needs as a customer and user, offering promotions, discounts and exclusive benefits based on your consumption habits.

The truth is,possibilities are unlimited, adding to this the benefits of security, lower data usage in their plans, communication with the brand and promotions, among others, bring a new perspective on the uses for the wifi network, more and better security for users, as well as new benefits that ensure a better relationship between customers and owners of the establishments. Get started now.