Privacy sandbox, the tool that is about to replace the cookies.

We have already talked about it before, however, it is worth delving into the subject, since in the future a revolution in innovation and technology is looming, part of this change brings with it the incorporation of new tools as well as the elimination of many others. Within the latter group are cookies, files generated to track user browsing data in order to offer content that best suits their tastes and interests. However, the issue of cookies is something that generates a good degree of controversy among Internet users and in response to the demands of a more private navigation; the major search engines in joint effort, will be responsible for eliminating third-party cookies replacing them with Google’s new tool: Privacy sandbox.

The aim of Privacy Sandbox is to continue to personalize the experience of Internet users according to their tastes and preferences without infringing on privacy issues, since the complete elimination of programmatic advertising means millions of dollars in losses for Google and advertisers. In this sense, the great changes that are taking place in the field of digital advertising, result in the search for new and better solutions made to immediacy. Privacy sandbox is proposed as a series of technical standards aimed at providing as much information about users without collecting their personal data. Carolyn Lyden from Search Engine Land discusses the topic aswell as technnical aspects in depth here, nonetheless for further explanaition on how Privacy Sandbox works, you can visit The Chromium Projects blog entry about this tool.

The dilemma becomes clearer as it becomes more complex, especially as the issue of privacy comes to the fore more frequently as users peruse the privacy notices of their favorite applications and platforms. However, there have been few cases in which this data collection has compromised the integrity of users. Again, we emphasize that the issue encompasses areas ranging from digital rights to social issues that have been present for decades. Privacy and security are issues that will remain sensitive points of discussion for years to come. For now, only with time will we be able to decide how and how we want to use our information.