Aiwifi Plug&Play Kit

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Experience next-level Wi-Fi with the Aiwifi Kit. High-speed, reliable, and easy to set up, it’s your gateway to seamless connectivity and invaluable customer insights. Plug, play, and transform your business today!

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Aiwifi Plug&Play Kit for SMBs.

Unlock the power of seamless, high-performance Wi-Fi with the Aiwifi Kit, designed for businesses like yours. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to a world of possibilities.

For the Non-Technical Business Owner: Experience the Difference:

  • Eliminate Connection Hassles: Plug, play, and connect effortlessly. Our kit is designed with simplicity in mind. No technical expertise required.
  • Transform Your Business: Imagine a Wi-Fi network that not only keeps your customers connected but also provides invaluable insights into their preferences and behaviors.
  • Expand Your Reach: Enjoy coverage that goes the extra mile. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones, and extend your network to cover every inch of your space.

For the Technical Enthusiast: Powerful Performance:

  • High-Speed Connectivity: The Aiwifi Access Point delivers lightning-fast 802.11ac Wave-2 technology, providing an impressive 1.75Gbps aggregate wireless throughput.
  • Advanced Technology: Harness the potential of dual-band 3×3:3 MU-MIMO technology for maximum network throughput and expanded Wi-Fi coverage range.
  • Built for Scalability: Support over 150 concurrent Wi-Fi client devices, making it ideal for medium to high-density environments.

Security and Reliability:

  • Adaptive Power: Self-power adaptation automatically detects PoE or PoE+ for optimal performance.
  • Extended Coverage: With a coverage range of up to 125 meters, you can keep everyone connected, no matter the size of your space.
  • Robust Security: Protect your network with anti-hacking secure boot and unique security certificates, ensuring your data and control remain secure.

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